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An epic cinematic and musical collaboration between Sherpa filmmaker Jennifer Peedom and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, that explores humankind's fascination with high places. Narrated by Willem Dafoe.

Fellow collaborators to this unique project are British writer Robert Macfarlane (author of the award-winning Mountains of the Mind) and leading high altitude cinematographer Renan Ozturk (Sherpa, Meru). Richard Tognetti's recorded score is stunning; soaring as the camera climbs vertiginous slopes or swoops across rocky peaks. With all this earthly beauty, it's hard to believe that only three centuries ago, the idea of conquering a peak was considered crazy. Mountains were once solely places of peril, not beauty. The absorbing narration traces our modern day fascination – our irresistible and sometimes fatal attraction to the dizzying heights. Peedom's follow-up to Sherpa (Luna Leederville 2015) is a suitably uplifting, symphonic ode to high places.

"The ACO orchestra synchronises Vivaldi, Grieg, Beethoven and Sculthorpe to scenes of awe and pathos, while the giddy arpeggios of Arvo Pärt’s Fratres soundtrack the churning somersaults of aerial skiers, and Richard Tognetti’s own compositions capture both the majesty and the terror... The audience creates an additional, parallel, soundtrack, with collective gasps, sighs of relief and, when the feats of daring verge on implausible, incredulous laughter (footage of the mountain biker Danny MacAskill on Scotland’s Cuillin Ridgeline has everyone guffawing).'- Guardian

“Mountains are so much more than a challenge, or an adversary to be overcome..Mountains humble the human instinct … restore our wonder and challenge our arrogance. More than ever we need their wildness.”

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"A poetic exploration of the often fraught relationship between humans and mountains"
Limelight magazine
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