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Pablo Larrain directs Oscar winner Natalie Portman in a portrait  of the First Lady in the days after John F. Kennedy's assassination.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 was a moment that defined a generation. That this handsome, charismatic leader with a beautiful wife and two young children could have his life ended so brutally, defied comprehension.

With JACKIE, director Pablo Larraín retells this story solely through the eyes of Jacqueline Kennedy, casting Natalie Portman in the lead role. Jackie was as much a public figure as her husband, an outwardly poised partner who was placed under great scrutiny, yet played her role with consummate grace.

Structuring his film around Theodore H. White’s LIFE magazine interview with the First Lady, that took place a mere week after the assassination of her beloved husband, Larraín takes us on a journey with the First Lady as she recounts the immediate aftermath of her husband; her return to the White House, arrangements for the President’s funeral, and her time spent accompanying her husband’s coffin to Arlington Cemetery.

These sequences complete a moving portrait of a grieving woman — a widow and mother struggling with overwhelming tragedy and attention.

Ensuring her a place amongst the Best Actress contenders this awards season,  Portman delivers a career best performance – poised and steely in the public sphere, vulnerable and overcome with emotion in private and a commanding presence throughout.

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"A singular vision from an uncompromising director. Portman is altogether astonishing as one of the most famous women in American history. Jackie is great cinema."
The Guardian

“Extraordinary. An astonishingly radically conceived portrait of Jackie. Natalie Portman is wondrously good in this part: surely her best and an Oscar contender.”
The London Evening Standard
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